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Written by Tracie Ezell, President - FISD Board of Trustees   


Recognizing that the district has been through a lot of change in recent years and that our superintendent search did not result in finding the candidate we felt was a solid match for Fairfield ISD, the Board of Trustees has determined that an alternate solution would best suit the current needs of the district.  At a special called meeting Thursday night, February 23rd, the Board named former FISD Superintendent Tony Price as Acting Superintendent.  We believe that Mr. Price’s leadership will afford us the time necessary to carefully consider the future appointment of a full-time superintendent. 
Besides Superintendent, Mr. Price served FISD for 26 years in many capacities until his retirement in 2009.  He provided the following statement regarding his appointment:
“I am honored to extend my service with the quality people involved with Fairfield ISD on a temporary assignment.  I care a great deal for this school district and hope that I can serve as a ‘bridge’ for continued progress.”
In subsequent action and in recognition of her tireless effort, the Board of Trustees amended Melissa Cox’s job title to Deputy Superintendent as she will be assuming additional duties related to the operation of the district. 
The Board also wishes to thank Mrs. Cox for her tremendous work as both assistant superintendent as well as interim superintendent for the past seven months and looks forward to her continued leadership in the months and years ahead.
We look forward to the collaborative efforts of Mr. Price and Mrs. Cox as we continue to advance the mission of Fairfield ISD.