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Written by Jan Fielden   

Last week we fed each of the herds one bale.  The Back Herd, I couldn’t reach in the truck because the pasture in between was too wet.  The Colonel took the bale to them and checked once again on them.  When he got back he told me about a new little calf we have back there.  He said, this one is so cute and what a pistol she is.  She was only about a week old but acted much older.  She was running around kicking up her heels, running around her momma, doing all sorts of things.  He was enjoying watching this one!
The cows were in another pasture so they had to follow him through the gate into the pasture he wanted to feed them in.  No problem with them following him and no problem with the cows going through the gate; but a big problem with the calves, big and small going through the gate.  The bigger calves he knew for certain had all been through that gate before and maybe the smaller ones had too but they were all afraid to enter the dark world opening of the “GATE”. 
To the rescue comes, Pistol.  She ran through the gate like it was nothing and then would stop and look back at the other calves.  No one was moving to follow.  So, here comes Pistol, running back through the gate, rounding up one little calf and taking it through the gate!  No one else moved.  So, Pistol does the same thing running back through the gate and “rounding up” a calf and taking it through the gate before going back to get another one.  She did that with most all the calves before any of them decided to be brave enough to do it on their own!  What a great calf/cow she will make for the Red Oak Ranch!