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Written by Tiffany Anderson   


Fresh fruits and vegetables have endless benefits and it is time to know why you do something and to impart them into your everyday life.   God created them for our healing.   So, get healed!
Pineapple is full of bromelain which is an enzyme that helps you breakdown the food you eat.  It is also good for preventing colds.   In addition to all that goodness, pineapples also help with oral and eye health.  It boosts your immunity and helps with blood circulation.  This spectacular fruit helps to prevent arthritis, Alzheimer, dementia, and heart disease.  It also helps to reduce inflammation in joints and muscles.  Do you have a problem going to the bathroom?  Try some pineapple!   Pineapple is full of potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, vitamin c, beta carotene, thiamin, B6, and folate.   This can be eaten by itself, added to a parfait, in a smoothie, or in a juice.  Be mindful about mixing a lot of carrots with pineapple because then it will be made of a lot of sugar.
Celery is that pungent vegetable that you probably know as one of the trinity’s in cooking.  Well, it is super beneficial in a juice, soup, and even as a light snack.  Celery will help you lower your cholesterol, lower inflammation, prevent or treat high blood pressure, help prevent ulcers, protect your liver, boosts digestion, reduce bloating, fight infections, prevent urinary tract infections, and may even protect you from cancer.   The best way to get the benefits would be to juice it.  Yes, it is strong but there are many ways to help mask the flavor like adding pineapple to your juice as well.

Powerful booster Juice:
2 beets
1 celery stalk
Half a pineapple
Piece of ginger
Piece of turmeric

Know Better To Do Better!
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