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TX Police Chiefs: Don’t Burden Local Officers with Federal Immigration Enforcement

No one believes in the rule of law more than police officers. We work tirelessly to make our communities safer, within the confines of the constitution, by arresting those that commit criminal actions that threaten our communities. We target individuals committing violent crimes and arrest anyone who threatens the safety, regardless of their immigration status. Members of the Texas Major Cities Chiefs, consisting of the police chiefs in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Arlington, Fort Worth and San Antonio, and the Texas Police Chiefs Association respectfully oppose Senate Bill 4, the so-called sanctuary cities bill. As amended by the Texas House, the bill would allow local law enforcement officers to ask people about their immigration status during an arrest or a lawful detention, like a routine traffic stop, putting local officers in the position of handling federal immigration issues. We officers work extremely hard to build and maintain trust, communication, and stronger relationships with minority communities through community based policing and outreach programs. Broad mandates, such as those imposed by SB 4, requiring local law enforcement to take a more active role in immigration enforcement will further strain the relationship between local law enforcement and these diverse communities. Officers would start inquiring about the immigration status of every person they come in contact with, or worse, inquire about the immigration status of people based on their appearance. This will lead to...

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Letters to the Editor: April 26, 2017

Dear Editor, Immigration, the Myth of the “Melting Pot” and Race It is indisputable that today over 95% of U.S. residents are either immigrants or descended from immigrants, the exceptions being Native American Indians. Almost without exception, our ancestors came for improved quality of life with financial opportunity for advancement the foremost reason. Most succeeded in making a better life here than they had had previously. Chinese built the railroads to the west, Germans and Irish staffed the factories and industries that helped America grow in the 19th century into an industrial powerhouse, etc. Our nation was, and remains today, essentially a Christian nation with all peace-loving religions welcome. I grew up in Waco in the 1950’s within a white Norman Rockwall America; there was also sadly Jim Crow, now mostly consigned to history. Ethnic groups were strictly and often legally segregated then. Races did not seem to mix, and the term melting pot had yet to be invented. When the term had been coined, it was not accurately representative of the population and remains a false term today. Ethnic groups still tend overwhelmingly to stay within in their own group or subgroup for the most part. Today we have the phenomenon of what I call the Quebec, Canada, [English and French] syndrome: many states, including Texas, California, Arizona, e.g., routinely see billboards, commercials, and newspaper advertisements in both...

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Fate of key transparency bills is uncertain; legislators need to hear from constituents

Committee must move bills for the House to vote by DONNIS BAGGETT AUSTIN — There’s no question that Americans — particularly Texans — are increasingly suspicious of government. Trust in government is at a dangerously low level. That’s why virtually every candidate who runs for the Texas Legislature loudly proclaims that he or she is all for transparency and accountability. Unfortunately, campaign season is a distant memory at this point in Texas’ legislative session. Lawmakers have spent four full months in the company of lobbyists who are paid nicely to convince them that the interests of their clients are threatened by transparency. Today, with only a month remaining, a Legislature that began as a tabernacle-sized choir singing the chorus of transparency has dwindled to a small combo that could rehearse in a two-car garage. With time running out and important pro-transparency bills hanging in the balance, it’s time for those who sang in the choir during campaign season to remember the music. Six transparency bills must pass to restore Texas to what it once was — a state with some of the strongest transparency laws in the nation. For that to happen, citizens must tell their legislators they expect them to come down on the side of the folks who voted them into office. By asking where they stand and then watching how they vote on these bills, you...

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Letters to the Editor – April 19, 2017

The Dogan Alumni Association Executive Committee has begun the planning phases of our 15th School Reunion festivities for this year. We are grateful for the various ways the area businesses and merchants have supported our association in the past.  We look forward to your continued support.  This year we are calling upon you once again to support us by making tangible donations or contributing special gifts that will ensure the success of the reunion. By the same token you will reap the benefits of free advertisement, as well as a tax advantage.  We expect over 600 in attendance that will join in the reunion activities beginning Friday with a talent show. Saturday, we continue with a parade, picnic, games, a dinner dance.  We conclude on Sunday with a memorial service. We are counting on your generosity to ensure that our reunion continues to be as successful in 2015 as it has been in years past. The name of each business owner or merchant and their donation will be published in a souvenir book that each registered alumni will receive. If you would like to place a specific ad in the book, please see attached form for ad prices and sizes. The main purpose of the Dogan Alumni Association, an association with approximately 300 members, is to objectively devote time, energy and resources to the ongoing of Dogan School’s legacy....

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Letters to the Editor – April 12, 2017

Dear Editor, The VFW Auxiliary of Post 5872 would like to thank the following businesses and Individuals for their donations and help at our recent Scholarship Fundraiser: Capps Ag Service, The Candle Shop, Robinson’s Trading Post, Josh Tinsley & Viky Keng, Texas Outfitters, Rockin Kountry Karaoke & DJ, Bella Nails, Rockin Kountry Club House, Sam’s Restaurant, Genny Guthrie, Gilberto’s Mexican Restaurant, Andrew Richards, Bush’s Chicken, Patsy Jonas, Ponte’s Diner, Buster Hagen, Brenda’s Closet, Catherine Ethridge, Something Different Restaurant, Ralph Billings, Lyle Oil Company, Sheriff Jeremy Shipley, Aztec Tire and Lube, Sandra Rankin, Triple L Tire, Wilma & Larry Workman, Dry Gulch Mercantile, Juanita Coleman, Kellie Hodnett, Roadster Car Wash, Jay Cain and Bubba Rutherford. Again we thank all of our community for supporting our youth in Freestone County. VFW Auxiliary of Post 5872 Fairfield, Texas   Dear Editor, The National Day of Prayer will be held on May 4, 2017, at 7 p.m.  Cornerstone Full Gospel Church, located at 303 North State Highway 75 has once again opened their doors to hold this event.   We are inviting the whole community to come pray for our nation, our leaders, veterans, police, fire, and first responders, county officials, city officials, school officials and teachers, families, and our pastors. We will pray for these groups as we ask them to stand and be recognized. These are trying times for our nation.  We...

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