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Fairfield Police Report

  Monday, Aug. 29th11:15 AM-Officer Frasier to PD to meet a complainant.8:28 PM-Officer Weinmann on 911 call, was phone trouble.9:38 PM-Officer Weinmann on vehicle blocking roadway, driver arrested on warrants.11:59 PM-Officer Weinmann assist deputy on traffic stop.Tuesday, Aug. 30th7:10 AM-Officer Frasier on alarm going off.4:09 PM-Officer Frasier and Chief Bulger on suspicious subject.5:03 PM-Officer Frasier to PD to meet a complainant.9:02 PM-Officer Weinmann on suspicious vehicle.10:54 PM-Officer Weinmann on possible prowler.Wednesday, Aug. 31st10:13 AM-Officer Palacios on minor wreck.1:48 PM-Officer Palacios on power line down.2:44 PM-Officer Palacios assist stranded motorist.6:09 PM-Officer Alexander to meet a complainant over phone harassment. 8:26 PM-Officer Gallegos on open door.8:32 PM-Officer Alexander assist EMS with subject that had fell in yard.Thursday, Sept. 1st8:44 AM-Officer Palacios on report of subject sleeping on tennis courts.12:52 PM-Officer Palacios on reported criminal mischief.5:18 PM-Officer Palacios on major wreck.9:56 PM-Officer Gallegos to meet a complainant.Friday, Sept. 2nd11:09 AM-Officer Frasier to speak to complainant.4:41 PM-Officer Frasier to speak to complainant about vehicle being broke into.5:55 PM-Officer Markham on report of solicitors in neighborhood.6:13 PM-Officer Markham on reported assault.6:57 PM-Officer Weinmann on possible intoxicated person, was having mental issues.8:32 PM-Officer Weinmann on reported wreck, ended up being in the county.9:46 PM-Officer Markham on report of reckless driver, driver arrested for DWI.10:38 PM-Officer Weinmann on reported disturbance, ended being vehicle repo.Saturday, Sept. 3rd12:24 AM-Officer Weinmann assist deputy on traffic stop.10:26 AM-Officer Frasier to...

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Freestone County Sheriff’s Report

  Trooper assists stranded motorist on interstate, car just up and quit on em. Vehicle abandoned at local business, been there several days, owner wants to know if can have it legally towed, local tow service numbers provided to owner. Teague PD arrests one for DWI. Fairfield EMS transports one to ER having trouble breathing. Deputies assist Fairfield PD with late night suspicious vehicle behind local car dealership. Teague EMS called to transport patient from residence to Waco Hospital, home health nurse on scene advising oxygen level dangerously low. Teague PD responds to reckless driver call on Hwy 84. Caller reports young man jumping into traffic for no apparent reason. Fairfield PD out to investigate. Deputy assists Fairfield PD with known subject sitting in caller’s front yard. Advised squatter to move on. Black bull out on the road, owner located and enroute to lasso. Deputies with assist from Trooper search area for vehicle believed involved with attempted home break-in. Juvenile son gets mad and leaves residence. Deputy locates juvenile at another residence. Everything okay. Fairfield Fire responds to smoking and sparking transformer. Electric company notified. Caller reports neighbor dog fighting their dog in front yard, shot the neighbor dog in the back leg but didn’t seem to have any effect. Deputy responds to sort it out. Deputies out to referee property dispute among divorcees. Teague EMS responds to local...

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Freestone County Courthouse News

  –There are 7 In the Interest of a Child cases for the Month of August 2016–In Re: R Alford–In Re: Cathy Ann Cox–In Re: Juan Martin Perez–Bryan K Arman vs. Charlotte R Arman–Kimberly Jill Collins vs. John Glenn Collins–Thomas E Hartley vs. Ernie Sophie Hartley–Timothy Wayne Hall vs. Jessica Newsom Hall–Nevillyn Wetter Mark, et al vs. James Michael Orms, M.D., et al–Capital One Bank (USA) N.A. Assignee of HSBC Bank (Nevada) N.A. vs. Richard M Hager–The State of Texas vs. Janetta Capers–The State of Texas vs. Ricky Everett & Ace Bail Bonds–The State of Texas vs. Miguel Lara-Sanchez, AKA Miguel Sanchez & Ace Bail Bonds (x3)–The County of Freestone vs. Architectural Control Committee of Southern Oaks, LLC–The County of Freestone vs. Fairfield #1 Church of God in Christ (COGIC)–The County of Freestone vs. Helen M. Breaux Trust, et al–The County of Freestone vs. The Unknown Shareholders–The County of Freestone vs. Pablo Davila Ramirez, et al–The County of Freestone vs. Judy Marie Durham, et al–The County of Freestone vs. Dean Oliver Carroll, et al–The County of Freestone vs. Joe James Devine, et al–The County of Freestone vs. Carol Miller Couey, et al–The County of Freestone vs. Rodney O Daniels, et al–The County of Freestone vs. William C Scruggs, et al–The County of Freestone vs. Leonard Sandifer, et al–The County of Freestone vs. Brandy Roberts, et al–The County of Freestone...

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Saturday Drawing for this Month’s Cash Mob Business: Darlings & Divas Couture

  Darlings & Divas Couture is this month’s Cash Mob business, as announced Tuesday by the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce. Sponsored by Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, Cash Mob is an event where a group of people descend on a local business to make purchases. The purpose of these mobs is to support both the local businesses and the overall community. The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce announces a new Cash Mob Business each. The announcement ismade on their Twitter feed, Facebook page and through their member email list. Once the word is out, Cash Mobbers will have Tuesday – Saturday to shop and enter the $100 (Chamber Bucks) drawing.  For every $20 spent with the local Cash Mob business, your name will go into the pot. The Cash Mob business for Spetember, Darlings & Divas Couture offers clothing and accessories for infants and children.  They are located inside Armadillo Emporium on the courthouse square in Fairfield. A Cash Mob winner will be drawn at noon on Saturday, September 10th. The winning Cash Mobber, if present, will receive $100 dollars (Chamber Bucks) to be spent with local retailers. If not present for the drawing, the winning Cash Mobber will receive $50 in Chamber Bucks. Cash Mobbers are encouraged to stay a while and enjoy spending time in our Local Businesses.Join the Cash Mob and spread some Shop Local Love! For more...

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Game Warden Field Notes: True Confessions of a Freestone County Gator Poacher

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Out (of it) for a Swim A Tarrant County game warden received a call from the sheriff’s department reporting an overturned kayak in the middle of Benbrook Lake and the displaced paddler in distress. It was determined the individual was delusional and told the Benbrook Fire Department he didn’t need any help. Responders tossed the man a life jacket and convinced him to put it on, but as the warden attempted to grab the individual and place him in the patrol boat for his safety, the subject took the life jacket off and swam away from the boat. After refusing another life jacket, the individual swam to the shore. The warden and the firemen attempted to restrain the individual but he ran back into the lake and swam back out. The warden boarded his boat and used it to push the subject back to the shore where numerous Benbrook police officers and Tarrant County sheriff’s deputies restrained him. He was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. True Confessions of a Gator Poacher A Freestone County game warden recently received information on some alligators allegedly killed on the Trinity River. After conducting several interviews of potential suspects, the warden got confessions from all parties involved in the killing of one alligator and the live-capture...

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