Keywords: uniqueness, tradition, and progress — words which have come to define special community efforts and events that stand the test of time. Uniqueness gives them a quality that may provide a more broad appeal, bringing in visitors from outside the town.

Tradition is that name you give something which becomes an extension of the community at large, something that brings collective enjoyment from collective effort. And with each new year, uniqueness and tradition thrive through progress, the small changes or additions made which keep new ideas incoming and the community actively involved.

Last year, Charles Gregory made a generous Christmas light display donation, which adorned half the Teague City Park; local business owners and citizens rallied to help decorate; and the City of Teague came to aid, in a concerted effort to see the project through. It was by all accounts a great success, and this year the project has developed into a committee to engage in the organized planning and implementation of displays and events.

The current committee members include Charles M. Gregory, Debbie Sanoja, Bill D. Bowers, Sandy Ashford, Brittany Brown, Nannette Harwell, Karla Patterson, Allyssa Steen, Joe Smart, and Tommy Thomas. Mr. Bowers met with the City Council on July 17th, to represent the Christmas in the Park Committee, as City Manager Teresa Prasil presented information to the Council regarding proposed plans and goals. The Council unanimously approved the dossier, with minor adjustments.

The primary focus and goal of the Christmas in the Park Committee is to help provide a beautiful, exciting, and unique experience for the citizens of Teague, and our guests, to enjoy during the Christmas Holiday season, with the hope that it will grow into a local tradition the city can be proud of and enjoy each year.

The Committee hopes to more than double the size of the displays from last season and to add activities for family enjoyment, including entertainment, food, and special activities for children, and to have an official lighting event on December 2nd.

Also planned is a community New Year’s event which should be unique and exciting. Of course all of these plans and the success of the project will depend upon assistance and participation from the citizens of Teague. May we embrace this opportunity and progress towards a unique community tradition which our families can enjoy for years to come.

The Committee is currently seeking individuals, businesses, and organizations for any level of involvement, including donating Christmas lights, displays, sponsoring a display or tree decoration (at the City Park), or volunteering to help during set-up, which begins early November.

Information about future fundraising events will be forthcoming. All interested persons please feel free to contact Charles Gregory at 254-739-5010, and lights and displays donations may be dropped off in Teague at the Lazy Texan Trading Co., which is where the Old Feed Store was, right off the loop in Teague, at 325 East Loop 255, next to the car wash.