It took six months for County Attorney Brian Evans to put a felony case in front of a Freestone County jury. It took that jury 20 minutes to hand him his first “Not Guilty” verdict.

Fairfield woman, Jamie Griffin, 38, was acquitted of the charge of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon last week.

“Self-defense was used in this incident; and I believe that the quick verdict shows the jury saw through the charge of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon,” says Defense Attorney Justin Reed.

The charge stems from an incident that took place at the Fairfield Holiday Inn on May 15, 2016 when Ms. Griffin and Latasha Fnu were in a confrontation with Marsjuanae Reese, who had seven other people with her.

According to Ms. Griffin, she felt like she and Ms. Fnu were in danger for their lives. As a result, Ms. Griffin pulled a knife out in self-defense, resulting in Ms. Reese being stabbed.

Ms. Griffin was indicted on January 25, 2017 by the Freestone County Grand Jury; and her trial began in the 87th Judicial District Court on Monday afternoon, June 5th, following jury selection that morning.

Judge Patrick Simmons presided over the trial.

“We believed the evidence showed a criminal offense was committed by Jamie Griffin,” says District Attorney Brian Evans. “The jury found otherwise and I respect their decision.”

“This case presented a difficult factual scenario,” continues Evans. “However, I believe that to go forward to trial was the right decision.”

“I’m proud of how hard the jury worked and that they were able to see that our party was not the aggressor,” says Defense Attorney Reed.

Ms. Griffin is thrilled with the outcome of the trial; and she has this to say, “First I would like to give thanks and praises to my Lawyer, Justin Reed. From the beginning until the end you never missed a beat, in my defense.”

She would like to thank all those who served as jury, as well as those who showed up at summons but were not picked to serve.

“Due to the jury’s verdict of “NOT GUILTY,” it assured me that I have now been vindicated, and I pray God overflows you and your families with many blessings.”