The Grand Band From Eagle Land is seeking your help in reaching our goal of marching in Disney World.  Our Band has a long tradition of making the trip to Orlando every four years.  We travel by bus to spend a week marching in the Happiest Place on Earth!

Please consider sponsoring our Band and helping us achieve this goal.  Cost of this trip is $1,000 per student, and we will have 200 students eligible to travel to Orlando in the Spring of 2019.

The Grand Band from Eagle Land has proudly represented the Fairfield ISD since August 28, 1934. The first band consisted of 32 members and has grown to almost 200 Fairfield High School students! This group practices daily to prepare for Football Halftime Shows, Marching Competitions, Band Concerts and Competitions and Parades. They begin working August 1 and their last performance is well after the school year is over, in the Freestone County Fair & Rodeo Parade.

They are led by an amazing Director, Mr. Bill Large, who has a long, successful career as a High School Director. He is joined by two more accomplished Assistant Directors, Mr. Russell Holland and Mr. Gust Witt. Together, these men have brought the Grand Band from Eagle Land to the highest levels of success. The Fairfield Band program is very well known and respected in all areas of Marching and Concert Competitions.

Behind the scenes, there is a very dedicated, hardworking group of Band Boosters who work year round  to ensure the Band is well taken care of at all performances, as well as work tirelessly to help these amazing kids enjoy an experience of a lifetime as they march the most famous street in the world, Main Street USA in Disney World.

The goal of the Band Boosters for the Disney trip is to assist this group raise enough funds to cover the ever increasing cost of transportation to Orlando. Current estimates for this trip are just under $1000 per student.   With a current Roster of 200 members and a projected increase to 225 members for the 2018-19 Band, the cost of bussing these kids to Orlando is higher than ever.

To help these kids fulfill their dreams of marching at Disney World, we are looking for generous sponsors to bring down that transportation cost. Businesses, Groups and Individuals who would be interested in supporting this incredible band have four levels of participation available this year. Here are the sponsorship level details:

At the Bronze level, your logo or name will appear in all of the Band Programs that are freely distributed at all Band Concerts.

At the Silver level, members of the Band will personally deliver a plaque to you for display in your home or business thanking you for your support of our organization. You will also be recognized in all Band Concert Programs.

With a Gold level sponsorship, you will still be displayed in all programs, but your plaque will include a photo of the 2017-18 Grand   Band From Eagle Land. In addition, Gold Sponsors will be announced at all Band Events recognizing you for your generous support. We will also include a smaller sized logo on a banner we create to carry during parades and display at concerts and performances.

A Platinum level sponsor, which will pay for One Student to make the trip to Orlando, will receive all of the above with the exception of a large, prominent display in the Band Programs as well as on the banner created.  Your organization or family will proudly be recognized in all programs and events throughout the current school year as a Platinum Sponsor. This includes your logo or name displayed prominently on all programs and fliers produced both for performances and fund raising endeavors. You will also be personally recognized during performances.

This is a great group of talented young men and women, who spend hours practicing and performing to ensure our band remains the best in this area. But they do this while still focusing on grades and other student organizations both in and out of school. We hope that you are able to sponsor this amazing group as they try to make their way to Disney World! We sincerely appreciate any support you are able to provide our band and hope you get a chance to see The Grand Band  From Eagle Land perform for yourselves!

–Platinum Sponsor – $1,000

–Gold Sponsor – $500

–Silver Sponsor – $250

–Bronze Sponsor – $100

–Maroon Sponsor – $25

The Grand Band From Eagle Land is proudly directed by Bill Large with Assistant Directors Russell Holland and Gust Witt.

Submit all artwork to before November 30 to be included in Christmas Concert program.  Please make check payable to Fairfield ISD.

Your support is greatly appreciated.