Joining the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce is the Fairfield Boy Scouts during a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held Monday, July 31, 2017.

Scouts pictured are (l-r) Wolf Scout Corbin Barlow; Tiger Scouts Chance Herren, Robbie Williams, and Bradley Schick; Wolf Scout Cole Tomanek; and Bear Scout Charlie Dunn. Not pictured are Wolf Scout Cullen Fryer and Webelo Scout Brayden Samford.

Others (l-r) Christie and Jack Riley, Committee Chair Emma Tomanek holding Hazel, Chamber Executive Director Brenda Pate, Carrie Herren of The Tuscan Touch, Renee Barlow, Mark Herren of A Right Way Windows, Scout Cub Master Lisa Schick, Den Leader Morgan Williams and wife Tiffany Williams, Kris Simmons of Fairfield Lake State Park, and Scout Committee Member Karen Pendergrass.