Last week, the Freestone County Sheriff’s office put out a warning about two phone scams that have been noted in the area.

–Scam #1 – A person claiming to be “James Marshall” who works with the Freestone County Sheriff’s office claims that you have a Failure To Appear warrant on a jury summons for Judge Linda Grant’s County Court. The caller states that you need to pay $500, or you will face arrest.

This is NOT true.  This is a SCAM.  HANG UP!

According to Sheriff Jeremy Shipley, this scam is coming from multiple numbers, but a number that has been used several times is 903-219-0311, ext. 352.

–Scam #2 – Scammers are calling, using your own phone number to call. When you answer, they ask for the last four digits of your social security number, along with passwords.

This is an identity theft scam.  DO NOT ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS.  Just hang up.

Do not answer, at all, if you notice it is your own number calling.

Spread the word, and do not fall victim to these scams.