by Jan Fielden

In an effort to be a good pet owner, I bought our Beagles sweaters to wear when the temperature drops.  Tasha has taken to shaking and her teeth are clicking when it is cold and windy out.

Their house is well padded with hay and is in a good spot to give them extra warmth at night or even during the day if it gets too cold.  But I kept telling Tasha that I was going to buy her a sweater so she wouldn’t be so cold.

Of course it was going to be a Christmas present but I could not find one for her and I would not buy one for her without getting MO one also.  The other day I was over in Palestine and went to the pet shop there to see if they had any in stock.  They had all kinds and had a lot of different sizes too.

So, I made my purchases and when I got home I announced to The Colonel that I had finally been able to get Tasha a sweater.  Getting it on her was another matter.

She put up a little bit of a fight with it going over her head but I did manage that.  Then she set her feet down and it was all I could do to lift them so I could put them in the leg areas of the sweater!  I talked sweetly, calmly, and in a low voice and she still was planted to the floor!

Finally though she let me put it on her, I opened the door so she could go back outside and she acted as if she had had the sweater on her whole life.

MO was a little more struggle and when I let him back outside he ran along the yard trying to rub the sweater off.  But it just didn’t come off.  They looked so cute and we took pictures; oh my the whole bit!

This morning when I got up, Tasha was on top of her house and the sweater was no where to be seen.  I did finally find it inside the house in the corner.  MO still had his on.

So, the Beagles at the Red Oak Ranch have sweaters; they may not wear them though!!!