by Jan Fielden

On Saturday we had another new calf born. The mother has had a few calves before so she knows what to do…except maybe for this time. After the calf was born she immediately took it to join the herd. Not all cows do that; some will stay with their calf for a few days before taking it to the herd. We saw all of this while sitting in our favorite spot-the front porch. As we were expecting company, we went in to do some last minute things. I walked in and made sure I had the bedrooms totally ready for company. I did and walked down the hall, and looked out the front window and was shocked at what I saw.

The herd had moved completely out of the pasture! They were nowhere to be seen. Just that quick…gone!  Except for the new born calf. It was running around in the pasture lost. It was apparent the calf had no idea where his Momma was or any other cows for that matter. I mentioned it to The Colonel and he pulled on his boots and said we will have to bring the herd up. He walked outside; I got my boots on and ran outside to jump in the truck with him. It was then we saw our company had arrived. We explained what happened and told them we would be right back. By this time, the calf had turned around and was headed straight towards the open gate and we were hoping he would just come on in the yard.

Suddenly he took off running and when we looked where he was running…there was Mom!! He ran to her as if she had been gone for months. She made some noises to him; they turned and headed back to where she had been with the herd. Evidently, he didn’t keep up with her the first time, but this time you knew he was going too. Things happen all the time at the Red Oak Ranch…company or not!