by Jan Fielden


Last week The Colonel was checking salt in the feeders for the different herds. He had already checked the Yearling Herd and they had plenty and so did the Middle Herd. He still has the Back Herd to check. There was only one problem…the Middle Herd. This is the herd that is so spoiled. They think everything revolves around them, that anything that is given out needs to also be given to them whether they need it or not. In other words, The Colonel was going to have a tough time getting through the gate to the Back Herd’s pasture.

He had already tried everything he knew to get them to go on and mind their own business to no avail. They followed his truck everywhere he went. Usually he can fake them out by just going around the back of the house but this time, uh-uh! So, as I looked out the window I saw a parade! A parade of cows following a big black truck! He was going slower than a marching team in the truck and the cows were totally lined up, I mean totally…following along behind him. They were all in a straight line too. Not a one of them got out of line, not the cows and not the truck. But then he came to the tricky part of the march…turning a curve! He turned ever so slowly and so did they. I was watching through the front windows and laughing until my side hurt. One cow stepped to the side but quickly got back in line.

Then suddenly the Red Oak Ranch parade ended when The Colonel gunned the truck and took off for the pasture on the other side of the Sweet Gum Grove. The cows panicked, everybody was out of step and out of line! The cows didn’t know which way to go so they went back to the feeder and waited on him to get back. What a parade it was!