by Jan Fielden

I have heard of things, people, and countries “going to the dogs”, but I have never known anyone to say, “frogs are going in the house”.

Yet, that is exactly what happened at the Red Oak Ranch the other evening. The Colonel walked out on the back Sun Porch and evidently when he walked out a frog tried to get in but didn’t quite make it! Of course, no one heard the frog yell for help and no one saw the accident!

We are not sure why the frog was trying to get in in the first place!  He ended up getting his leg caught and hurt in the door. The Colonel had tried to get it to move on out but the frog was having none of that. The Colonel declared the frog must have had a broken leg and could not move.

Mean while, the Beagles are standing, watching and waiting. They will play with a mole or frog or anything that moves until the poor things are dead from all of the times they have picked them up and dropped them back down. The Colonel touched the frog with his foot trying to get it to move. No dice!

The frog would not move or maybe he could not move thought The Colonel. Finally, The Colonel got a stick to prod the frog. The frog jumped and after being judged as probably too hurt to move anywhere…the frog was gone out of sight even the Beagles’ sight!.

So, the saga of the broken legged frog ended on a happy note, especially for the frog! That frog will have a tale to tell to his friends of how he got away from the dogs and The Colonel of Red Oak Ranch!