In a recent survey, it showed a substantial percentage of young Americans believe that being labeled a “snowflake” could have a deleterious effect on mental health.

So what is a snowflake?

Well, if you think by virtue of being born in to this world you deserve a participation trophy, you indeed are a snowflake. If you believe that tall border walls and strict immigration laws are mean, you are an unenlightened snowflake.

If you never purchased or fired a weapon and have a negative opinion on guns, you are an endangered snowflake. If the national anthem offends your sensitivities, you are a disaffected snowflake.

If you feel the President’s leadership style is brash and loutish, you can assume your flake melted a year ago. If you believe that someone really “likes” you because they pressed a button on a keyboard, an introspection examination may be warranted.

You must overcome the notion that the worst thing that can happen is hurt feelings. If you’re disappointed with the direction your life is headed – it’s a fresh new year, dry your tears, except reality and change course.

In remembrance of words from astute father – “Life is rough, get a helmet, and enjoy this miracle ride.”

That’s the way I roll!