Fairfield High School seniors were provided with an excess of $750,000 in scholarships and awards during the Senior Honor Assembly held Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

Students taking top amounts include Zachary Pew and Chance Bancroft, both with nearly $190,000; Bethany Pruitt with $118,430; and Austin Frasier and Jacob Gomez, each with $72,000.

Before scholarships were announced, honor graduates were presented with a gold sash, as well as a certificate and pin in recognition from the United States Department of Education in recognition of scoring over the 85th percentile on either the SAT or ACT examinations.

2017 Honor Graduates: McKenzie Alexander, Jacob Allred, Gracie Awalt, Owen Awalt, Kyler Bonner, Linda Cain, Kacie Carroll, Payton Carter, William Cook, Nathan Davis, Kara Doyle, Jennifer Espinoza, Spencer Fair, Caleb Fox, Austin Frasier, Elena Gallegos, Cali Gawryszewski, Jacob Gomez, Anna Claire Ham, Vanessa Hidalgo, Karisty Hopper, Grant Hubbert, James Kirgan, Abby Knight, Cody McQueen, Nick Mooneyham, Gavin Moore, Ashley Nesbitt, Laura Nunez, Claire Partain, Nihar Patel, Zachary Pew, Arron Pfleeger, Bethany Pruitt, Cole Schick, Riley Simpson, Mikaela Stamper, Dalton Stautzenberger, Abby Teer, Carol-Ann Veretto, Haley Walls, Chloe Wilson, and Olivia Wilson.

Salutatorian Jacob Allred was given a certificate of academic achievement; and Valedictorian Gracie Awalt was presented with a certificate of academic achievement and the State of Texas Honor Graduate Certificate, which authorizes the president of any state-supported college or university to provide a scholarship consisting of the payment of tuition for the first two semesters following high school graduation. (above)

Students graduating under the Texas Recommended High School Program were awarded with double black and gold cords. These students are: McKenzie Alexander, Jacob Allred, Brandon Basto, Gracie Awalt, Owen Awalt, Chance Bancroft, Cameron Banks, Zachary Barlow, Alyah Beck, Keara Birdow, Joshua Bogle, Myles Bonds, Ana Bonilla, Kyler Bonner, Jonathan Cabrera, Linda Cain, Kacie Carroll, Brandi Carter, Payton Carter, Emilie Coleman, William Cook, William Craddock, Nathan Davis, Cody Dennis, Kara Doyle, Jennifer Espinoza, Spencer Fair, Aaron Fletcher, Caleb Fox, Austin Frasier, Elena Gallegos, Cristian Galvan, Hannah Garner, Cali Gawryszewski, Whitney Golden, Jacob Gomez, Doniesha Green, Matthew Griffin, Austin Hale, Anna Claire Ham, Colton Harkcom, Brittni Harris, Hunter Haynes, Vanessa Hidalgo, Karisty Hopper, Grant Hubbert, Felicia Ivy, Denis Izquierdo Diaz, Akeem Jackson, Jalyn Jackson, Garrett Johnson, Kyle Kirgan, Abby Knight, Jordan Lancaster, Zachary Martin, Jordan McElroy, Cody McQueen, Matt Mooneyham, Nick Mooneyham, Gavin Moore, Ashley Nesbitt, Messiah Nowlin, Lauren Nunez, Sigifredo Nunez Jr., Azucena Ojeda-Arriaga, Blake Overall, Tiffany Owens, Brianna Parks, Claire Partain, Nihar Patel, Dillon Peterson, Meaghan Peterson, Zachary Pew, Zoe Pew, Arron Pfleeger, Jace Pierce, Bethany Pruitt, Elijah Ransom, Tarrance Rischer Jr., Austen Robertson, Luis Rodriguez, Erick Rodriguez-Reyes, Lilli Sanders, Cole Schick, Da’Meka Shed, Tracer Sherwood, Riley Simpson, Mikaela Stamper, Dalton Stautzenberger, Abby Teer, Makayla Thurman, Taylor Tippens, Carol-Ann Veretto, Haley Walls, Kristopher West, Callie Williams, Chloe Wilson, and Olivia Wilson.

UIL Scholar Awards were given to students who finished in the top ten percent of their class and who participated in an UIL event. Receiving this award are Jacob Allred, Gracie Awalt, Kyler Bonner, William Cook, Grant Hubbert, Kyle Kirgan, Gracie Knight, Claire Partain, Nihar Patel, Arron Pfleeger, Bethany Pruitt, and Cole Schick.


–United States Marine Corps Enlistment Scholarship and GI Bill for $190,000 each: Chance Bancroft and Zachary Pew (above)
–Fairfield Lions Club for $500 each: Kara Doyle, Mikaela Stamper, and Dalton Stautzenberger
–Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo: Cody McQueen ($3,000) and Mikaela Stamper ($2,000)
–Fairfield Band Boosters for $600 each: Caleb Fox, Laura Nunez, and Callie Williams
–Junior Lide for a minimum $1,000 per semester: Kyle Kirgan, Karisty Hopper, Bethany Pruitt, and Mikaela Stamper
–Eva Lois McIlveen Memorial for $1,500: Laura Nunez

–Fairfield Masonic Lodge No 103 for $500 each: Kara Doyle, Matt Mooneyham, Nick Mooneyham, and Abby Teer  (above)
–Fairfield Rotary Club – J.E. Son Lott Memorial Vocational for $1,000: Payton Carter
–Fairfield Rotary Club – Four-Way Test Essay/Video for $1,000: Cali Gawryszewski
–Fairfield Young Farmers – Jimmy Bonner Memorial for $1,000: Cody McQueen
–Fairfield Young Farmers – Gus Steiner Memorial for $1,000: Kyle Kirgan
–Fairfield Young Farmers for $1,000: Mikaela Stamper
–Farmers State Bank for $500 each: Nick Mooneyham, Makayla Thurman, and Chloe Wilson
–VFW Auxiliary for $500: Matt Mooneyham
–Leatha Parker Memorial for $1,000 each: Gracie Awalt, Kyle Kirgan and Abby Knight
–Margaret and Jack Ritter Memorial for $1,000: Olivia Wilson
–Freestone County Quilt Guild for $500: Karisty Hopper
–Community National Bank – Rankin Gilpin Memorial for $1,600: Owen Awalt
–Community National Bank & Trust of Texas for $6,000 each: Kyle Kirgan and Laura Nunez
–TSAC’s George Drayton Boyd Scholarship for $1,000: Matt Mooneyham
–Jonathan Childers Memorial Scholarship/Powerlifting for $250 each: Jacob Gomez and Haley Walls
–Pressure Pumping Services for $100: Elena Gallegos
–Freestone Credit Union – Board of Directors for $500 each: Jacob Allred, Jonathan Cabrera, Nathan Davis, Anna Claire Ham, and Riley Simpson
–Freestone Credit Union – Employees for $500 each: Kyler Bonner and Kyle Kirgan
–Freestone County 4-H Leadership for $1,500: Riley Simpson
–Fairfield Eagle Club for $500 each: Cali Gawryszewski and Nick Mooneyham
–Community Care Club for $750 each: Brandon Basto and Spencer Fair
–Hazel Grace Mayes Memorial for $200 each: Kyle Kirgan and Mikaela Stamper
–VFW Wilbur H. Bailey Memorial for $500: Karisty Hopper
–First United Methodist Church of Fairfield for $2,000: Kara Doyle
–North Texas Buckskin Brigade for $1,000: Cody McQueen
–Navarro County Electric Cooperative, Inc for $6,000: Riley Simpson
–Sara Anderson Memorial for $500: Matt Mooneyham
–Dogan Alumni for $300 each: Alyah Beck, Jalyn Jackson, Tiffany Owens, Tarrance Rischer, Jr., Da’meka Shed, Makayla Thurman
–Barn Stompers Square Dance Club for $500: Kyler Bonner and Elena Gallegos
–Ford Driving Dreams (All Star Ford of Fairfield and Ford Motor Company) for $2,000 each: Owen Awalt and Vanessa Hidalgo
–Ward Prairie Baptist Church for $500: Riley Simpson
–Winkler Masonic Lodge for $1,000 each: Abby Knight and Haley Walls
–Incommons Bank – Mickey Stubbs Memorial for $400 each: Alyah Beck, Cali Gawryszewski, Colton Harkcom, Karisty Hopper, and Grant Hubbert
–Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs – UT Austin for $1,000 each: Jacob Allred and Gracie Awalt
–Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs – Penny Arts for $1,000: Karisty Hopper
–Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs – Janet Loftis Memorial for $500: Mikaela Stamper
–Clay Cole Memorial Golf: Garrett Johnson ($250), Kyle Kirgan ($250), and Olivia Wilson ($500)
–Citizens National Bank of Corsicana – Blanche G Terry for $3,600 each: Kyler Bonner and Payton Carter
–Barrilleaux Inc for $2,500: Spencer Fair
–Robert Swain Memorial: McKenzie Alexander ($250), Owen Awalt ($250), Kyle Kirgan ($250), Lilli Sanders ($250), and Mikaela Stamper ($500)
–Freestone County Farm Bureau for $1,000 each: Cody McQueen and Riley Simpson
–Charlie Wilson III Memorial for $500: Mikaela Stamper
–Cotton Gin Masonic Lodge 154 of Kirvin for $500: Abby Teer

–First Baptist Church of Fairfield – Applied Theology for $1,000: Kyle Kirgan  (above)
–Miss Freestone County 2015 for $250: Mikaela Stamper
–Miss Texas People’s Choice for $400: Mikaela Stamper
–Stephenson-Perona for $2,000: Claire Partain
–State Young Farmers for $1,000 each: Kyle Kirgan and Cody McQueen
–Career & Technical Association of Texas Area 4 for $500: Mikaela Stamper
–Greater Houston Community Foundation – Carolyn J. & Robert J. Allison, Jr. sponsored by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation for $3,000: Cole Schick
–Limestone Project Employees Fund for $500: Kyle Kirgan
–NRG Limestone Environmental for $1,000: Kyle Kirgan
–Wendy’s High School Heisman Award $1,000: Cali Gawryszewski
–National FFA sponsored by Freestone Chrysler Jeep Dodge for $1,000 each: Kyle Kirgan and Cody McQueen
–State Fair of Texas Youth Livestock for $6,000: Riley Simpson
–State Fair of Texas – Go Texan for $20,000: Kyle Kirgan
–State Faire of Texas – Exhibitor: Mikaela Stamper
–Navarro College Opening Doors to Success for $2,000: Haley Walls

–Knox College of Illinois Academic and Founders Scholarships for a total of $72,000: Jacob Gomez  (above)
–Houston Baptist University President’s for $72,000: Austin Frasier
–University of Texas at Austin Longhorn Friends Association Navarro County for $1,000: Jacob Allred
–Cisco College – Full Athletic Volleyball for $32,000: Cali Gawryszewski
–Stephen F Austin State University – ST Microelectronics for $3,000: Kara Doyle
–Texas State University – Presidents Honor for $32,000: Claire Partain
–University of Mary Hardin Baylor – Vice President’s for $40,000: Arron Pfleeger
–Trinity Valley Community College – Student Athletic Trainer for $1,000 each: Chloe Wilson and Hunter Haynes
–Texas State Technical College – Texan Success for $1,000 each: Garrett Johnson and Colton Harkcom
–Baylor University – President’s Gold/Minister’s Department/Baptist Heritage/Baylor for a total of $118,430: Bethany Pruitt
–Texas Tech University FCCLA College of Human Sciences for $4,000 each: Payton Carter and Karisty Hopper
–Stephen F Austin State University – Academic Excellence/Physics Freshman for a total of $14,000: Grant Hubbert
–University of Houston Academic Excellence for $4,500: Cole Schick
–Beta Club in memory of Jonya Anderson Schuman for $500: William Cook
–FHS Social Studies Department in memory of Linda Melontree for $350: Kyle Kirgan
–FHS Eagle Publication – Yearbook for $150 each: Jennifer Espinoza, Vanessa Hidalgo, Denis Izquierdo Diaz, and Laura Nunez
–FHS Eagle Publication – Newspaper for $150: Gracie Awalt
–FHS Math Department in memory of Beth & James Ireland for $400: Ashley Nesbitt
–Art Club: Karisty Hopper ($400) and Laura Nunez ($50)
–Drama Club: Linda Cain ($300), Payton Carter ($500), Colton Harkcom ($400), Matt Mooneyham ($500), and Laura Nunez ($100)
–Association of Texas Professional Educators for $1,500: Jacob Allred, Gracie Awalt, Owen Awalt, Nathan Davis, Kara Doyle, Colton Harkcom, Garrett Johnson, Kyle Kirgan, Clair Partain, Da’Meka Shed, Mikaela Stamper, and Abby Teer
–Interact Club: Payton Carter ($150), Cali Gawryszewski ($250), and Olivia Wilson ($100)
–FHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Colton Harkcom ($300) and Dalton Stautzenberger ($100)
–FHS Student Council: Payton Carter ($150), Nathan Davis ($50), Cali Gawryszewski ($100), Vanessa Hidalgo ($75), Nick Mooneyham ($50), Clair Partain ($50), and Olivia Wilson ($50)
–Coach Wilbert Hunter’s Retirement for $300: Kacie Carroll

Two special plaques were given in recognition of “Outstanding Contributions to the Senior Class of 2017.” The two young men receiving these awards are Andrew Scott Walker and Michael Glendon McAdams (above).

Citizenship Awards    (pictured at top)
–Hayward Eatmon: Matt Mooneyham
–Dennis Gilbreath Memorial: Kyle Kirgan
–Brison Hearron Memorial: Arron Pfleeger
–Ben Capps, Jr.: Gracie Awalt
–Beverly Ivy Gamble: Chloe Wilson
–Sally Rose Awalt, Spirit of Fairfield High School: Karisty Hopper

Congratulations to all of the graduation seniors in the FHS Class of 2017!


Photos by Nicole Schaefer