The Oglewanagi Indian Dancers, which means “ghost dancers” in the Sioux dialect were active during the 1950’s through the late1960’s. For the past 24 years they have met for their bi-annual reunion. This year on June 3, 2017 they met at the home of Jack and Vickie Hartnett in Mansfield, Texas.

This group of dancers preformed through out Texas and were well known for their dancing skills and elaborate costumes. They danced their way to fame with authentic presentations of age-old Indian ceremonies and won many individual and team honors. Hours were spent by the individual dancer on their many costumes. The group stayed busy by designing and making stage sets, rehearsals, researching their craft, and perfecting the ancient dances.

The Oglewanagi’s were formed when Ken Pearson was the District Scout Executive of this district. The group disbanded in 1967 when Mr. Pearson was transferred to another district. They entertained thousands and were featured in the Heart O’ Texas Fair and Rodeo, State Fair of Texas parade and featured at the Mobil Oil outdoor stage. The group preformed at the half time during the Cowboys and Green Bay playoff game at the Cotton Bowl, Brenham Indian Festival, and for the decedents of Quanah and Cynthia Ann Parker reunion which was held at Fort Parker. Many good times are fondly remembered though many are unable to dance as we once did, our hearts and feet still keep time with the beat of the drum.