Our fall drought continued through November with only one day with measureable rainfall. We received 1.17 inch of rain on November 8. Normal for November is 3.87 inches.

Over the past three months we have had only five days with measureable rainfall (one in September, three in October and one in November) for a total of 5.24 inches.

Normal rainfall for the three-month period is 12.23 inches. Total rainfall for the year stands at 40.47 inches which is still 0.63 inch above normal.

Temperatures continued above normal for the month with a high of 89 degrees on November 6 and a low of 27 degrees on November 23.

According to the National Weather Service, as of November 26, our area was on track to have one of the top ten warmest Novembers since official records began.


Month        Rainfall     Normal      Departure       Month         Rainfall       Normal       Departure
January         5.75            3.62            +2.13                 July             2.53                1.95           +0.58
February       3.25           3.36             -0.11              August           5.41               2.43           +2.98
March           4.25           4.33             -0.08             September       1.61               3.06            -1.45
April             5.06            3.30            +1.76               October         2.46               5.30            -2.84
May             4.82             4.59            +0.23             November     1.17               3.87            -2.70
June             4.16             4.03            +0.13             December                            3.97
                                                                                    TOTAL       40.47             39.84           +0.63

Looking ahead to December: December ushers in winter and is normally our second coldest month of the year. Normal rainfall for December is 3.97 inches.

According to the 2018 Farmer’s Almanac, December temperatures should be near normal for Texas with above normal rainfall for east Texas.

The above rainfall and temperature data was recorded by Barney Leach, former co-op weather volunteer for the National Weather Service and former weather volunteer for Channel 8 in Dallas, Channel 10 in Waco and radio station KNES in Fairfield.