Pirated from As I Was Saying, 1957

by Boyce House
Author and Publicist

1. Don’t attend any civic meetings; but if you do, arrive late.

2. Never accept an office. It is easier to criticize than to do things

3. Do nothing more than absolutely necessary, but when others use their ability to help matters along, howl that the town is being run by a clique.

4. If you have a suggestion to offer, do not think of going to the authorities in charge – just yell to the world at large.

5. Get “sore” if you are not appointed to a committee such as the park board, cemetery board, or public relations committee, but if you are appointed, do not attend committee meetings.

6. Get good and mad at some members of the organization.

7. Be pessimistic about every proposal to expand trade and promote the interest of the town.

8. Watch the proceedings of the local school board and town council, and point out the error of their ways to everyone who will stop long enough to listen.

9. Encourage your wife and relatives to do their shopping out of town.