by Ouri Sivan


If you haven’t been in Hollywood during the 1990’s, then this book might be the next best thing.

  ‘Action’ is a rare collection of celebrity photographs, taken in one of the most celebrated decades in Hollywood.

International photographer Ouri Sivan spent over a decade in and around the ‘glitzy’ fish bowl of Southern California snapping these close ups of movie stars and starlets, super models and music icons, on and off the red carpet.

The book features an unusual ‘cast’ of young and old Hollywood…and everything in between and could easily be viewed as a ‘class photo’ of 90’s Hollywood.

The artistic style of these photographs is one of opposites. His intimate cruise through High Society stars shows the glamour truths, without staging the events.

Every single photograph is a split second in a famous life story.

Altogether, they create a collage image of the abstract dream, otherwise known as Hollywood.

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