The Jonathan Hardin Chapter, NSDAR met at the Gibbs Memorial Library for their April 12, 2017 meeting.  Regent Aleece McBay introduced our guest that were recipients for the DAR Good Citizen Award.  This program recognizes outstanding young people who exhibit the qualities of good citizenship in their home, schools, and communities.  The program is open to all high school seniors in Limestone and Freestone Counties enrolled in public or private schools accredited by the state board of education.  The students are then selected with having the  following qualities such as dependability, truthfulness, honesty and punctuality.  The student must also demonstrate service, cooperation, helpfulness, responsibility, leadership and unselfish loyalty to American ideals.

Each year the students have an essay topic which is given to them from DAR.

This year’s first place winner was Haley DeFriend from Groesbeck, who received $100.00. The second place winner was Kyle Kirgan from Fairfield and he was awarded $75.00. It is an honor to award these young Good Citizens.

State Chaplain Kay Alston reported on the DAR Texas State Conference which was held in Dallas.  She noted that Eleanor Clark, member of Jonathan Hardin Chapter and former resident of Fairfield, received the prestigious honor, NSDAR Founders Medal for Education which was accepted by her daughter Sherrie Clark Wilson.  Mrs. Wilson was the keynote speaker for the First Responders Patriotic Prayer Brunch where she was presented the Distinguished Citizen Award.  During Fall Forum last year DAR members were asked to make replica gowns for Texas First Lady dolls.  Teresa Penny’s doll was featured in the presentation.

We were honored to have Joyce Denke a “Donut Dolly” from the Vietnam era.

Mrs. Denke talked about the most memorable year of her life in 1971 when she worked with other girls just out of college as Red Cross Girls. She told about bringing a little bit of home to the men and boys stationed overseas.  They traveled by helicopter all over Vietnam to visit with the troops always with a smile for each of them, a hug if needed and to listen if the men needed to talk.  She joined the Red Cross in honor of her fiancé  who was killed shortly after getting to Vietnam.

Any woman 18 years or older, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, who can prove lineal descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence is eligible for membership. For more information about joining the Jonathan Hardin Chapter, NSDAR please contact Regent Aleece McBay at 254-729-5177, or Registrar Billie Bournias at 903-389-3592.