Freestone County’s Liberty voting box in the Butler area of Precinct 1 has officially been relocated to the Lone Star Baptist Church of Oakwood.

The previous Liberty box location was in a tiny portable building with no electricity, restrooms, handicap access, or proper parking.

Much discussion was had at several previous Commissioners Court meetings as to the probability of closing this location; however, there are many elderly residents in that area that would be unable to vote if they were required to come into Fairfield to exercise their rights.

Democratic Chair, Opal Oliver, received approval from Lone Start Baptist Church to utilize their building for voting purposes. This location has plenty of parking, electricity, restrooms, and is handicap friendly.

The location will be open one day during the Primaries in March, and again in November for the General Election.

Lone Star Baptist Church is located at 110 Co Rd 280 in Oakwood.