Dear Editor,

May 4, 2017 was the best National Day of Prayer Service that has been held so far!  Someone said there were close to 100 people there.  It was a night filled with prayer, singing, and the Holy Spirit touching lives.

A special thanks to Apostle David Ransom and the congregation of Cornerstone Full Gospel Church for inviting us into their church. Don Thornton led the congregation in the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem, and as always, it was heartfelt.

Music performed by Pastor Chris Owen, Pastor Leon Thomas and others was very inspiring and set the tone for the evening! A big Thank You goes to Cornerstone Full Gospel Church’s “Voices of Praise” for their Spirit filled music! Also, thank you to “His Hands” from Southside Baptist Church in Palestine which is a group that “signs” to music. This is a very spiritual ministry and is well received.

The ladies in the fellowship hall must be the best cooks in all of Freestone County as most everyone in attendance enjoyed all kinds of goodies prepared by them.  Thank you, also, to the ones who ran the audio and for those dear people who handed out the bulletins.

Special thanks for all those who offered prayers:  Apostle David Ransom, Evangelist Jason Smith, Sheriff Jeremy Shipley, Pastor Leon Thomas, Pastor Chris Owen, Evangelist Don Thornton and Virgil Fielden.

If you were unable to attend, you missed an AWESOME event.  BUT, there will be another one next year on the first Thursday of May.  Make plans to come pray for your nation, your leaders-national and local, your protectors (Armed Services) and veterans, your schools and your students, your policemen, firemen, and First Responders, all families of Freestone County, all the communities that make up Freestone County, and for all pastors and for those churches.  See You next Year!!

Jan Fielden, Freestone County Coordinator
National Day of Prayer Organization



Dear Editor,

We are so blessed to be a part of the communities of Freestone County.

The Freestone Cancer Support Group just finished our Spring Style Show. We had so many people make this event a success. A big thank you, to the vendors, models, and audience. In addition we want to thank our sponsors:
–Freestone Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
–Mustang Diesel Repair
–Texas Farm Credit
–Equipment Placement Services, Inc.

Calvary Baptist Church deserves an extra big thank you for allowing the use of their building. Also, Creations Flowers, Red Hat Rentals, and Plant World for the decorations.

Jeremy Shipley and his department were such a big help in assisting with all the heavy lifting and set-up, and, of course, our chef, Kenny Bulger. Our Master of Ceremony, Buzz Russell from KNES Radio was great!

As you can see, our committee has a lot of support from Fairfield and Teague.

Because of that support we have been able to raise more that $132,000 and help 139 local people with their travel expenses for cancer treatment.

Thank you all for working together!

Bettye Trask
FCSG member