Dear Editor,

I am amazed at the number of people who approve of President Trump’s denigrating a whole class of people with his recent remarks.  He has done more harm to civility in two years that all the hippies did in the sixties.  How can Christians gloss over his crude public words?

Mr. Sellers and those who hate immigrants must not know any of them.  I see immigrants, mostly illegal, mostly Mexican, working jobs all across Texas and the USA. The ones I know do jobs that white Americans won’t do.

They collect NO welfare. They just want to work and send money home to their parents or wives and children.

Net users of what? Where do you find welfare in Texas? There isn’t any.

They have payroll taxes and Social Security taken out of their pay, but they will never see any of it, since they have to use a made-up SS number.

Why can’t we have a sensible immigration system that allows someone who was raised in the US a path to citizenship?

Sensible is not returning to Mexico (where they never lived) and applying for citizenship and waiting 10 years.

Sensible is doing what is right for human beings who happen to have a different skin color, even if they never vote for our party.

If you who hate Mexicans get your way, watch our economy falter, as there will be nobody to work in the cafe kitchens, work in convenience stores, work in construction, mow your yards, or clean your houses.

Willie Ward, Fairfield, Texas


Dear Editor,

Approximately 3-4 weeks ago, we had some property stolen from the ranch.  We could not believe it and still can’t.

The row boat that is known as “Ole Tar Boat” resided down in the front pasture close to the creek.  We have used it when we had to repair the water gaps down there.

Even though this row boat is very old and is not worth very much, it is priceless in SENTIMENTAL value.

We think that probably the thieves who stole it probably realized very quickly that the tar on the bottom did not stop the water from coming in.  We would not be very disappointed if they got “dunked” in the lake or wherever they went with it.

We are asking for it to please be returned–no questions asked.  You can return it at night the same way you stole it.  It would be very much appreciated.

Jan and VA Fielden, The Red Oak Ranch