Dear Editor,

After reading Karen Leidy’s article on “Speeders Take Note,” I got to thinking, have people forgotten the basic rules of driving that got you that license?

That road signs are there for a purpose; whether for speed, yield, stop or traffic lights.  Do you think these signs don’t apply to YOU?

I have seen so many people “fly” past the courthouse (where the speed limit is also 30 mph) so I’m not surprised that they’re doing it on Reunion.

I’m so glad the Council approved the purchase of the speed monitors and I sincerely hope that the tickets given to the speeders will be of significant cost; after all, the fastest way to solve a problem is to hit the wallet.

And to you speeders who apparently don’t remember what it says in the Driver’s manual:  “Driving is a Privilege, Not a Right.”

Nanette Piotrowski

Fairfield, Texas

P.S. Hang in there City Council; it won’t take long for the signs to be paid for.