The first half of July received above normal rainfall for the entire month at 2.13 inches with the second half of the month producing only 0.40 inch. Total rainfall for July was 2.53 inches.

We had seven days with measurable rainfall with a greatest one-day total of 0.82 inch on July 9th. Normal July rainfall for Fairfield is 1.95 inches.

Our total rainfall for the year now stands at 29.82 inches. Our normal rainfall through July is 25.18 inches.

July temperatures were somewhat above normal with our hottest day at 104 degrees on July 28th. We had 11 triple-digit temperature days for the month with a flock of days in the mid to upper 90’s.

Low temperature for the month was 64 degrees on July 31st. July, on average, tops August as the hottest month of the year due to having more daylight hours than August.


Month                 Rainfall (inches)              Normal                Departure
January              5.75                                     3.62                      +2.13
February            3.25                                     3.36                      -0.11
March                 4.25                                     4.33                      -0.08
April                    5.06                                    3.30                      +1.76
May                     4.82                                    4.59                      +0.23
June                    4.16                                     4.03                     +0.13
July                     2.53                                     1.95                      +0.58
August                0                                          0                           0
September         0                                          0                           0
October              0                                          0                           0
November          0                                          0                           0
Totals                  29.82                                  25.18                    +4.64


LOOKING AHEAD TO AUGUST:  August is normally our second hottest month of the year at about one degree cooler than July. However, our hottest day of the year occurs more often in August than in July due to the mid-point of summer being in August.

Temperatures normally peak around mid-summer (August 6) but rogue hot days can and will pop up occasionally.

For the 10-year period from 1997 to 2006, on an average, summer came in and went out at the same high temperature (91 degrees) and peaked on August 6 (mid-summer) at 98 degrees.

August is normally our second driest month of the year at 2.43 inches of rain.

The above rainfall and temperature data was recorded by Barney Leach, former volunteer co-op weather observer for the National Weather Service and former weather volunteer for Channel 8 in Dallas, Channel 10 in Waco, and radio station KNES in Fairfield.