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Written by Courtesy of the Teague Chronicle   


TEAGUE HAS ITS OWN RISING STAR, JAKARI LEVELS! This BIG news recently caught Teague Chronicle’s attention.

Teague High School student Jakari Levels has recently signed contracts with ACTING/MODELING agencies! Levels have been a part of theater performances since he was four years old and his very first show was called “The Little Boy and The Fish”.  Since then, he has forever been influenced by the performing arts.

Levels stated, “I remember watching Disney Channel and trying to be the character that I would see on the TV”.

After Levels great-grandmother passed away, he felt that acting was a way to escape from his emotions. “Acting gave me a chance to be someone else. Ever since Grandma Ruby Lee passed, I felt a stronger urge to be in front of the camera. I do ALL of my acting and modeling for her”.

Levels said that Tyler Perry (actor, Hollywood director/producer/and author) has always been his biggest role model. “Tyler Perry wasn’t always enriched with fame and fortune. He lived with his family and had a difficult childhood. His road to success was not an easy one, but he never gave up on it. He is someone I have always looked up to and been Inspired by”.

Levels, at first, was nervous to sign the contract, but at the same time was excited for the opportunity. “I’ve never wanted to model until the opportunity came my way. I was worried if it was all real”, Levels stated. “There are advantages and disadvantages to signing with an agency. I was concerned that my agent would take from me instead of helping me, but I soon realized I was in good hands”.

Since signing, Levels had a photo shoot done to build up his portfolio and get some practice in for the big events that lie ahead.

Levels said, “Starting Thursday, June 15th, He will be in Los Angeles in a TV commercial. I’ll also be modeling men’s dress clothes while in LA as well. I plan on moving back to Dallas to be closer to my agent and my agency”.

So much has happened for Levels in these past few months and the student body of Teague High School, and the community of Teague is so proud of him and all he has accomplished.

Sophomore Celeste Starr says, “I’ve known Jakari Levels for a while now and I could have never imagine anything like this happening. It’s completely unreal! I wish him the best of luck and I know that Jakari will do great”!

From the staff of The Teague Chronicles we would like to say, “Best of wishes to Jakari Levels on his successful future.”

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