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Written by Barney Leach   


February rainfall came in 0.11 inch short of normal at 3.25 inches. We had five days with measurable rainfall with a greatest one-day total of 2.35 inches on February 20. We had 0.80 inch on February 14 and less than 0.10 inch on each of the three remaining days. Total rainfall for the year stands at 9.00 inches. Normal through February is 6.98 inches.
Temperature-wise, we had a March-like February with several highs in the mid eighties and only a couple of freezes. We had a low temperature of 30 degrees on February 16 and a high of 86 degrees on February 23. Looks like ground hog Punxsutawney Phil’s record of being wrong 61 percent of the time will grow even worse this year. Weather system La Nina, however, did play a role in the 2016/2017 mild winter.
February is normally our third coldest month of the year and has produced most of our snow over the past several years. February has produced our coldest and hottest winter day over the past 22 years both occurring the same year with a 10 degree low on February 3 and a 93 degree high on February 19 of 1996.

Month        Rainfall (inches)        Normal        Departure
January        5.75            3.62        +2.13
February    3.25            3.36        -0.11
March        0            0        0
April        0            0        0
May        0            0        0
June        0            0        0
July        0            0        0
August        0            0        0
September    0            0        0
October        0            0        0
November    0            0        0
Totals        9.00            6.98        +2.02

LOOKING AHEAD TO MARCH: March brings spring and warmer weather. Normal rainfall for March is 4.33 inches.
The above rainfall and temperature data was recorded by Barney Leach, former volunteer co-op weather observer for the National Weather Service and former weather volunteer for Channel 8 in Dallas, Channel 10 in Waco, and radio station KNES in Fairfield.