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Written by Nicole Schaefer   


The City of Fairfield is continually working to make sure that property owners keep their properties up to the standards of the Texas Health and Safety Code.

Some issues that consistently have to be addressed are properties with high, unkempt grass; vacant, unsecured structures; dilapidated structures; junked vehicles (not tagged and/or inoperable); and excessive accumulation of debris in yards.

When the City receives a complaint, an employee will investigate and take photographs documenting what they find. If the property is, in fact, in violation of the codes, a certified letter will be sent to the property owner explaining the City’s concerns.

The property owner has 10 days to respond to the letter by either contacting City Hall to make arrangements to take care of the problem, or by fixing the stated issue.

If a response is not received within the 10 day period, a second certified letter is sent. If there is still no response or action taken to remedy the problem, the issue will be presented before City Council. The property owner will be notified and invited to appear before the Council to try to come to an agreement to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

It is the goal of the City to work with property owners as much as possible to help keep the City safe for all residents.

The Cities of Streetman, Teague, and Wortham have their own set of rules, each slightly different. Fairfield, Teague, and Wortham ordinances can be found online at At the drop down menu, select your city and it will take you to the listing.

Fairfield City Hall can be reached at 903-389-2633; Teague City Hall – 254-739-2545; Wortham City Hall – 254-765-3319; and Streetman City Hall – 903-599-2567.