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Written by Jan Fielden   


The trees have all budded out, flowers are springing, birds are returning and all is right with the world!  Calves are being born and that brings us entertainment.  The running and kicking up their heels is wonderful to watch.  They are so curious because everything is new to them.  If you watch closely you can see the mommas training them to stay put, pretend you don’t know me, sometimes you must stay up with me, and eat the grass it is good for you.
Some of them actually do teach their calves to pretend they don’t know their mommas; as least we are convinced of that.  We will know that momma A has a calf, calf A, but calf A will walk past its’ momma if we come around.  Momma A might also put her calf in a place where it is hard to see them and train them to stay put because the people in the big black truck might come and take you away.  It is fun to watch the calves when they first start eating grass.  They will go after it like it is ice cream or candy and then lay off of it for a while because they’ve eaten too much.
Then there are mommas who totally ignore their calves and those calves wander around from cow to cow watching and learning from others.  But mainly they learn from the other calves and instinct.  Lots of lesson to be learned from watching and learning from the animals at the Red Oak Ranch.