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Written by Nicole Schaefer   


Several races have developed in the upcoming School and City elections set for May 6, 2017.
School Districts (Board of Trustees)
--FAIRFIELD ISD – Both incumbents for two at-large positions, John Fryer and Kevin Benedict, have reapplied for their positions, with no competitors. There will be no election.
--TEAGUE ISD – Lovie Whyte (incumbent) has applied for Place #1; Stan Waldrip (incumbent) for Place #3; Jason Hullum for Place #6; and Mary Clary-Smith (incumbent) for Place #7.
Special Note:  Place #6 & #7 are considered a special election and candidate applications will be accepted through March 6th.  Call 254-739-1300 for more information.
--WORTHAM ISD – Michael Dunn has applied for Place #5; Russell Black and Michael Gargis for Place #6; and Jeff Jones (incumbent) has reapplied for place #7.
--DEW ISD – Dew ISD holds elections in November.
City Councilmen/Aldermen
CITY OF FAIRFIELD – Place #3 applicants are David Steward (incumbent), Kevin Childers, and Keith Daniels; Place #4 applicants are Landis Bayless (incumbent) and Jason Bosley; and Place #5 applicants are Kenny Hughes (incumbent) and William (Bill) Brown.
CITY OF TEAGUE – Filing as candidates are Ron Rasbeary (incumbent) for Place #2; Chris Nickleberry (incumbent) for #4; Marilyn Michaud (incumbent) and Jack Hansel for Place #5.
CITY OF WORTHAM – Incumbents Cliff NeSmith and Mindy McGlone have filed for two positions at large, as well as incumbent Mayor Rodney Price.  There will be no election this year as there were no competitors for these positions.
STREETMAN – No election this year