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Written by Jan Fielden   

We worked the Back Herd last week with the Vet and it turned out to be a “model working”.  We already had the cows either in the trap or in the pens eating to their hearts content when he got here!  All of the cows came in to the trap except for one momma who had just had a baby and that’s the usual routine in that case.  We have an old cow called Auburn II who has been here for years.  She has enough Brahma in her to be in pretty good shape even though she should be sold.  The real reason she hasn’t been sold is that she is also very intelligent and usually doesn’t go into the trap; staying well away from the pasture even!  But this time she walked right in with us not even watching for her!
The deal was, though, that she was mad!  I said she was old and cranky and I still think that is true.  She was beating up on every cow, calf, little calf, even the bull!  And, she just kept doing it.  She would walk around the trap until she spied some cow or calf she wanted to hit on and hit on them she would!  I told the cowboy that came along with the Vet to watch out for her because she was lookin’ for trouble!  The Colonel has a special place in his heart for her because she has been here so long but even he couldn’t understand it.  Finally, we decided she was really mad at herself because she had walked into the trap…and because she is old and cranky!!
I can’t remember for sure but they may have sent her down the chute by herself!  All in all, though, even with an out-of-sorts cow, the working of the Red Oak Ranch herd went smoothly!