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Written by Tiffany Anderson   

Every day I talk to someone who wants to do better, wants to get healthy, wants to lose weight, wants to get off medication, and wants motivation to do so.   I tell people that they always do what they want and it is time that people begin to take responsibility for what needs to be done.   A majority of people wait until they get a bad report before they have a will to get better.   Why not prevent that bad report? Stop making excuses and stop procrastinating. 
Tomorrow is not promised.  Today is the day!   I am not telling you to jump all the way in.  I am encouraging you to atleast get your feet wet.  
If you eat what is beneficial to your body, you are just doing what God desires.   Food was created to heal your body and serve as medicine.   We do not live to eat but we eat to live!  
Start by changing out a couple bad items a day to good items.   Find out if you are gluten intolerant because so many foods include gluten and that can swell you up and mess up your digestion.  It can also cause skin problems and health issues.    We are not always in charge of what takes place in our body.  There are toxins in areas that we cannot control.   Driving in the car, watching TV, walking outside, and just living!   The environment works against our desire to do better.  Now imagine all these toxins plus all the toxins you put in your body through foods and pills.   You have now created a toxic overload that willl take a long time to even pierce through the surface.   Detoxing is best when done through foods and then you can add supplements like activated charcoal.    
Do not wait until your body is in toxic overload.   Get the will and make a way today.   When it comes to your health, your today will impact your tomorrow.   Know better and do better!

This article is courtesy of In Thee Beginning, located at 122 S Keechi St., on the Square in downtown Fairfield,Texas.