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Written by Jan Fielden   

As we sat on the porch drinking in the sun light along with our cokes, we noticed two small calves lying down in the pasture, close to the lake, all by themselves.  The herd had been fed on the other side of the lake and these two calves had not followed their mommas over to that side.  It is rather iffy to try and run calves because they most of the time they never go where you want them to.  So, The Colonel issued his “call” to the herd and one or two of them lifted their heads and started walking but most did not as they had been fed not too long before this took place.  In the meantime, the calves got up and started ambling closer to the lake and headed towards the Sweet Gum Grove.  But they stopped and looked around, ate a little grass, and looked around some more.  It was going to be dark soon and we needed to get them to their mommas.
So, we got in the truck and headed down towards the lake where the cows could see us even though they were still on the other side.  The Colonel got out and dropped the tailgate of the truck and gave his call again.  This time more cows started moving our way and the calves were starting to move again too.  We drove down to where the calves were and started to push them very gently towards the Sweet Gum Grove.  They would run, walk, and then run again.  We finally got them close enough to where those from the herd that had started our way were just getting ready to enter the Grove.  The calves saw them and took off through the Grove.  One jumped over a fallen tree and ended up in a stream of water.  He shook himself off and ran to his momma who had come at the call.  The other calf’s momma had also come, as both of those mommas knew they should not have left their calves.
All is well that ends well at The Red Oak Ranch.