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Written by Jan Fielden   

We were going to work cows on Wednesday this past week and so we made plans to catch cows on Tuesday evening.  To catch cows on Tuesday we don’t feed from Saturday until Tuesday.  We lock them in the NorthEast pasture and by Tuesday they are really hungry, having gone one day later than normal to be fed.    The Colonel and I usually get in “Ole Blue”, and drive down to the gate at the NorthEast pasture.  The Colonel uses his usual call to them and they come running to the gate, if they are not already there.  He calls this stacking them up.  He gets out of the truck, drops the tailgate and continues to call them.  When they are all at the gate with their babies, I jump out and throw the gate open, run and jump back in the truck and off we go up to the corral. 
Bulls are notoriously slow and always the last ones in, even the bull calves.  But this time we were surprised!  Thorp, the Middle Herd head bull was in the lead running for all he is worth. The Colonel yelled out the window, “whoever wins the race gets a prize at the finish line”.  We got so tickled we started “announcing a race”.  “There’s Thorp in the lead by a head and moving up”.  Then we noticed that Stoneshire, the back-up bull was running too and off we go again…”Thorp is still in the lead and looking strong with Stoneshire moving up fast on the outside in third!”
When they all got to the trap gates, Thorp won with Stoneshire third.  Thorp stopped at the gate and looked at The Colonel as if to say, “where is my prize”?  He stood there too until The Colonel gave him some more cubes!    We have fun at The Red Oak Ranch most times no matter what we are doing.