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Written by Ashley Stratton   

Dear Editor,

The Freestone County Times covers all subjects in a fair and balanced way. 
Considering the controversial judicial matters in Freestone County lately, this paper has managed to report the news in detail in order to keep the citizens informed. 
Having read the latest print edition of the FCT, I felt a sense of hope for our County.  As long as this subject matter is being brought to light and not swept under the proverbial rug, I feel like together we can bring back law and order in a peaceful way. 
I urge all citizens of Freestone County to subscribe to this paper or simply take the time to purchase it at a local convenient store.  If you want accurate news, this is the newspaper for you. 
It’s comical to me that in my twenties I would see newspapers in various places and just pass them by not taking into account the hard work that goes into journalism.  Now I have reached my thirties and as they say, my priorities have in fact changed. 
I want to be informed. 
I want justice for our County. 
I am from a small town and I know how politics work in small towns.  It’s who you know. 
I don’t agree with this logic and I believe in time this will change though it will be a slow process. 
The law is the law.  Our elected officials have been elected by the people to uphold the law.  Let’s not forget that important fact. 
So let’s ask ourselves if we deserve better than the current disturbing situation going on in Freestone County.

Ashley Stratton
Fairfield, Texas