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Written by Jan Fielden   

We have had several new babies born these last few weeks.  Most of the mommas have taken good care of their little ones.  There are some that do not.  We have a rule here at Red Oak Ranch that if a calf is killed either by buzzards or coyotes or whatever because the momma didn’t take care of it, she is on her way to the Sale Barn.  The other day when we were feeding, The Colonel saw a new born baby in the Sweet Gum Grove.  When we got back we looked for the calf and got a shock.  The calf was still in the Sweet Gum Grove but it was in an area that was running with water from the rains.  The Colonel got out of the truck and walked into tsahe Grove and saw that the baby had very little land under its feet.  If it moved just a little bit the wrong way it would be in the water and probably drown.  While he was working to get the calf to move back away from the water I noticed the momma coming at a brisk walk towards them.  She kinda had a stand-off with The Colonel and then called to the baby.  I noticed something back behind me and here was another calf, about 6 months old, totally mesmerized by what was going on.  He even called to the calf!  The momma got the calf to follow her and took it back up to where we had fed them.  The calf immediately laid down in the hay while she went back to eating.  The calf that was watching the event turned and walked back to where he could eat as if he had solved the whole deal.  Cows can act very smart sometimes…at least the ones at the Red Oak Ranch who don’t want to take a trip to Buffalo!!