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Written by Jan Fielden   


The Middle Herd can be quite obnoxious in the winter time.  They start reading the “feeding schedule” and every day that is a feed day; they hang out at the barn.  If you make one little move they notice and immediately jump up in order to follow us wherever we go.  Plus, they always leave a “scout” if they do decide to go to another pasture.  The scout’s job is to sound out the signal that we have made a move towards the barn or at least out of the yard so every cow should return immediately.
The most ridiculous scout is the cow named Kleo.  She has The Colonel wrapped around her little hoof and begs “cubes” from him.  In order not to have to give the whole herd cubes, The Colonel will call Kleo around to the back of the barn.  She will leave the bale of hay and walk up to the barn in hopes of getting cubes….which she usually did until lately.
This cow has taken to informing the other cows that she is getting a treat and calls out to them!  Here they come on the run and what usually happens is they get all the cubes and she is left without any.  Saturday, The Colonel tried two different times to give her cubes and each time before he could even get them in a bucket she had given the signal.   The cows at the Red Oak Ranch have been known to do a few weird things.