By Tiffany Anderson

Many people are constantly looking for energy.   Probably because you barely get enough rest or because your day started early or just because you need a quick pick me up during the day to get through the rest of your day.  From this day forward, get you some green tea.

This tea can be drank cold or hot, in the morning, or even throughout the day.   It originates from China or India and is known globally for its numerous benefits.  This tea is beneficial because it does not get as much processing as others.   It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as well as ayuverdic.   They use it mostly to control bleeding and heal wounds, aid in digestion, improve heart and mental health, and regulate body temperature.   The benefits do not stop there.   Green tea is beneficial for weight loss, liver disorder, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer prevention, lowers cholesterol, reduce risk of stroke, and reduces inflammatory skin diseases like psoriasis and dandruff.  It also helps with memory and brain function.   Green tea has also been known to reduce headaches, prevent MS, reduce plaque, fight viral infections, increase stamina, promote healthy sleep patterns, reduce acne, increase endurance, relieve joint pain, aid with depression, and even fights colds and flus.

Green tea is available in many options including, tea, powder, and pills.  I prefer the tea.  It is good to use the tea bag all day long in water and that will give you an extra boost throughout the day and help you burn fat faster.   Be mindful, you will go to the bathroom regularly!  The tea can be drank all through the day and we even add them into smoothies for that extra punch of nutrients.   The next time you are looking for something with maximum benefits, go for the green tea!

This article is provided courtesy of In Thee Beginning at 122 S Keechi St. in Fairfield, Texas.