by Tiffany Anderson

Vitex is a great herb that is used by many women and even some men. This is a super herb that is great for relieves PMS symptoms, reduces uterine fibroids, improves female fertility, clears up acne, treats endometriosis, remedies amenorrhea, may promote lactation, lowers menopause symptoms.

This has helped many women who have suffered from symptoms rom menopause and infertility. This has also helped men who faced infertility.

Dandelion root is a great detox herb that is seen as a weed to most people but the benefits are super powerful.

It helps in a digestive aid, kidney, liver, diabetes, high cholesterol, gallbladder, inflammation, and the immune system. This herb added helps cleanse our bodies.

These two herbs are body changing, mind changing, and lifesaving. Herbs can change your entire life, Go back to what God created.

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