It’s a big goal: 2500 pairs of shoes by December 27th, but members of a student ministry in Fairfield are about a quarter of the way there.

Gravity Student Ministries of First United Methodist Church (FUMC) is having a shoe drive fundraiser.  There is no need to buy anything, they are simply asking for your gently worn shoes.

That’s right, check your closets for shoes that you no longer need.

Collecting boots, tennis shoes, slippers, flip flops, sandals, or heels. If you can wear them, the student ministry will take them.  Please ensure soles are intact and no holes or broken heels.

These shoes go on to give someone else a new lead at life.  Your donations will help:

–Raise funds for FUMC student ministries

–Keep shoes out of landfills (nearly 600 million shoes go in landfills every year)

–Micro entrepreneurs (small business owners) who clean and repurpose shoes (to provide for their families)

–Adults/children in developing countries who may otherwise not have access to shoes

The drive lasts throughout December.

Shoes can be dropped off at FUMC office, 201 N. Mount Street, Fairfield, Monday – Friday, 9-4 p.m. (closed 12 – 1 pm). If you can’t make it to the church, call the office at 903-389-2225 to set up a time for us to pick them up.

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