I would like to commend the Freestone County Commissioners Craig Oakes (Pct. 2) and Andy Bonner (Pct. 1) for voting to cut back on travel allowances during a special meeting held last month.

Several elected officials, including Commissioners, Constables, Justices of the Peace and the County Judge, each receive a set amount each month, to be used for travel.

This amount is the same, regardless of how much they spend on travel related expenses during any given month.

This year’s $150 decrease affects Commissioners and Constables.  It does not include Justices of the Peace, at this time.

During a previous budget year, County Judge Linda Grant (who cast the tie-breaking vote last month), had voluntarily reduced her allowance after tracking her actual travel time.

Other County officials and employees are paid travel through a reimbursement process, after travel expenses have been incurred.

As a taxpayer, I appreciate any action taken to trim the county budget.  All of us – citizens, business owners, and government entities – are being challenged in keeping expenses down during a challenging economy.

Thank you, Commissioners, for your consideration.