by Sheriff Jeremy Shipley


April 4: April is Autism Awareness Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. We urge our community to show their support for each of these worthy causes.

April 5: The Sheriff’s Office received a nice appreciation letter from the Ennis FFA Adult leaders and kids. They ran into a bit of bad luck on the way back from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, but we were there to lend a hand and provide a bit of safety until the problem was fixed. Glad they were able to make it the rest of the way safely. Good job Deputy Martin.

April 6: We received our Drug Outreach books today thanks to 20 wonderful sponsors. When I received the list of sponsors it was awesome to see so many businesses of the community reaching out and teaming up with law enforcement in order to help in the fight against drug abuse. I sincerely thank you for these resources we have received. I would like to add that several other publications were added to what we received geared towards Bullying, Stranger Danger, and Community Service and Awareness, thanks to the amount of money raised. We are excited to be able to provide these publications to the schools, to adult victims, and parents of victims. THANK YOU SPONSORS for teaming up with our men and women in uniform to help assist in making our community a better and safer place.

April 7:  Mid-Morning, at approximately 10:58 am, a well explosion occurred at a Legacy well site approximately 4 miles off of Hwy 164 on CR 784 near Leon County line. The explosion resulted in 3 injuries to well site employees, one of which was serious in nature due to severe burns. There was no fire or hazmat spillage at the scene, nor any evacuations of the surrounding vicinity.

Buffalo Fire, Teague EMS, Leon Co. S.O., and Freestone County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the scene. Clean-up operations at the well site were underway prior to responding units leaving.

Prayers for the injured, their families, and their co-workers at Legacy. Prayers for the injured, their families, and their co-workers at Legacy.