Deputy takes report on possible charity phone fraud case. A reminder to all, check and do your homework before donating anything to someone claiming to be a representative of a charitable organization.
County Deputies, Teague PD and DPS assist Mexia PD with vehicle chase from Mexia into Freestone County, one subject taken into custody.
DPS, Dew Fire and Fairfield EMS to one vehicle wreck on Interstate.
Deputies to ER to contain combative patient.
Teague EMS to report of patient at home with difficulty breathing, subject flown to hospital by Air Evac.
Deputies and Fairfield EMS to report of young man having a seizure, transported to ER for evaluation.
Dew Fire and Deputies to tree fallen on power lines, all of which now on fire.
Precinct One Commissioner notified of a tree across county road.
Deputies, DPS and Fairfield EMS to Streetman area on report of subject at local gas station trying to put gas in vehicle, doesn’t know how to put gas in vehicle. Subject taken to ER where discovered lives out of state and has long history of mental illness/instability. Family contacted , relieved to know whereabouts and makes arrangements to come get.
Butler Fire to report of smoke detector that won’t shut off.
Fairfield PD to report of visitor invited to stay the night, now won’t leave. Don’t feed em, they’ll leave pretty soon on their own.
Fairfield EMS to report of possible heat stroke.
Deputy to Dew area on another call of visitor who won’t leave, Deputy provides courtesy ride to local bus station.
Deputy to report of possible burglary.
Power outage in Wortham are, utility crews notified.
Teague PD to report of domestic trouble, parties separated for the night.
Teague PD to report of suspicious looking man loitering between gas pumps at local store, gone from scene upon arrival.
Deputies, Fairfield PD, and DPS to County Jail, inmate being unruly and disruptive to jail staff.
Fairfield EMS to Boyd Unit, Inmate field worker passed out, transported to ER for evaluation.
Deputy to local RV Park on report of stolen tools.
DPS, Fairfield EMS and Dew Fire to one vehicle rollover on interstate, no injuries.
Deputies and Fairfield EMS to report of domestic violence, on subject arrested and taken to County Jail.
Deputies, DPS, Fairfield Fire and EMS to 18 wheeler rollover on interstate, all lanes shut down and fuel leaking from the vehicle, no injuries to driver.
Game Warden notified of caller report that a young deer hit by car found its way to callers house, injured but not dead.
Deputy responds to child custody dispute.
Wortham PD to report of youths running through neighborhood creating mischief, located youths and put an end to activities.
Deputy responds to report of burglary of vehicle, cash, pistol and knife stole.
Teague PD to report of kids lying in street, stirring up local dogs who now won’t stop barking. Ahh, summertime!
Fairfield Fire to smile alarm at local business, false alarm.
Participant at local BMX track takes a nasty fall, broken rib and leg. Flown by Air Evac. to hospital.
Deputies, DPS Fairfield EMS and local fire departments to one vehicle crash near Trinity River. One subject flown by Air Evac. to hospital with serious injuries.