Monday, July 25
2:15 PM-Officer Orms on report of kids playing in roadway.
6:00 PM-Officer Gallegos on stalled vehicle in the roadway.
6:27 PM-Officer Gallegos on report of combative patient at ER.
Tuesday, July 26
12:54 AM-Officer Alexander on suspicious vehicle.
8:03 AM-Officer Hartley on report of unwanted subjects in residence.
9:55 AM-Officer Orms on alarm going off.
3:27 PM-Officer Hartley on alarm going off.
7:03 PM-Officer Gallegos on cows out in roadway.
7:56 PM-Officer Gallegos and Alexander to ER on unruly patient.
8:19 PM-Officer Alexander on 911 call, all was ok, possible phone problem.
9:36 PM-Officer Gallegos assist stranded motorist.
11:50 PM-Officer Gallegos and Alexander on report of possible drunk subject at gas station, subject was not drunk.
Wednesday, July 27
9:23 PM-Officer Weinmann arrest driver on traffic stop on warrants.
10:47 PM-Officer Palacios on report of wreck on IH 45, was out near Dew
Thursday, July 28
2:03 AM-Officer Weinmann assist Trooper on major wreck on IH 45.
10:30 AM-Officer Markham and Sgt. Utsey assist on funeral escort.
12:23 PM-Officer Markham to meet a complainant concerning a criminal trespass notice.
7:20 PM-Officer Weinmann and Palacios on reported assault.
8:09 PM-Officer Palacios to meet a complainant.
9:38 PM-Officer Weinmann and Palacios on major wreck involving a pedestrian.
10:14 PM-Officer Palacios on report of kids trying to buy cigarettes, Kids were escorted to parents.
Friday, July 29
2:10 AM-Officer Weinmann on 911 call, was phone problems.
9:51 AM-Officer Gallegos and Sgt. Utsey to store to meet a complainant.
11:50 AM-Officer Gallegos to PD to meet a complainant.
2:16 PM-Officer Gallegos on 911 call with kids playing on phone.
11:15 PM-Officer Alexander and deputy on suspicious vehicle.
Saturday, July 30
7:30 AM-Sgt. Utsey to meet a complainant.
4:45 PM-Sgt. Utsey to assist Deputy on traffic stop.
6:30 PM-Officer Alexander on business alarm going off, all was ok.
7:75 PM-Officer Alexander on welfare check due to medical alarm going off, all was ok.
11:18 PM-Officer Alexander on report of suspicious activity going on around building, all was ok nothing was located.
Sunday, July 31
2:15 PM-Officer Orms  on alarm going off, all was ok.