SUMMER & SEPTEMBER MEMBERS of the Fairfield Elementary Birthday Book Club celebrated with lunch in the library and a new book. Those participating include (l-r and top-bottom) Marli Walker, Braxton Burns, Gavin Thaler, Will Zachry, Lauren Sweeney, Aaryn Morgan, Robbie Williams, Hudson Little, Addyson York, Ivy Wren, Lucas Awalt, Nolan Thaler, Rylee Cook, Wyatt Sanders, Parker Red, Jase Murphy, Caleb Souders, Zoe Dunbar, Royal Davis, and Sebastian Hidalgo. (Photo submitted)


Fairfield Intermediate School Birthday Book Club celebrated August/September birthdays with lunch and birthday snacks in the library. The members celebrating this month are: Ashton Sleziak, Jerry Draper, Caleigh Taylor, Lillianne Poole, Mason Edwards, Zechariah Smith, Carolyn Dunlap, Kylee Silar and Elizabeth Pillans. (Photo submitted)