Using a small fire extinguisher, a case of bottled water, washer fluid and a pizza box, a random group of strangers successfully put out a grass fire on Interstate 45, just south of Streetman.

“It was amazing to watch how this random group of people – strangers to one another – worked together, to put that fire out,” says a reader of The “Times.”

Reportedly, five civilian vehicles pulled over, beginning with the driver of an 18-wheeler, who used his small fire extinguisher, on jug of water, and windshield cleaner to get a start on putting the fire out.

The fire was almost too much for him to handle on his own, with the resources he had, says our reader.

“We stopped and worked on one fire with a pizza box that had been thrown in the ditch. Then, three more vehicles stopped – just random people, stopping pulling out cases of water,” she says.

Reportedly, the Streetman Fire Department arrived just after the fire was successfully put out. They checked the area to make certain there was nothing left to start new flames.

“It was scary how fast the fire grew.”

Good job, everyone.