Dear Editor,

In October 2015 the City of Fairfield had 3.5 million dollars. October 2016 we had 2.4 million dollars. When you do the math that leaves a deficit of 1 million 100 thousand dollars. I would like to know where all of this money went.
When I have looked into this situation, my findings were that a decrease in income, very loose spending, habits and unauthorized spending was the cause of this. I was able to account for around 600 thousand dollars. That leaves a large amount of monies unaccounted for. I would like to see our City Council put on the agenda to have a forensic audit to find out about our money
On October 10 at our City Council meeting the City Administrator was evaluated. It is my understanding to replace the City Administrator, 4 out of 5 have to vote that way. I understand that 3 City Councilmen were for replacement.
On the City Council meeting on October 24, the mayor convinced the City Council to approve 4,600.00 to be spent on the new soccer field. In these figures, the Mayor was wanting a temporary electrical pole to be installed so they could take electrical extension cords to run the electricity for the little concession stand at a cost of 1,500.00. As usual, it was very muchly over killed. This pole has not been set but a complete electrical service was installed. The complete building was rewired in conduit. This electrical work I believe ran more than the original 1,500.00. I would like to know if all of this spending was authorized.
My opinion is if we don’t get a handle on all of this loose spending, on February 12 when the Power Plant closes, we will be sucking air.
I strongly urge our City Council to put on the agenda a forensic audit.

Jesse Jones
Fairfield, Texas