Dear Editor,

After making several budget workshops and city council meetings, it made me realize the reason we are in such financial shape.

On September 7 they called the director of the Chamber of Commerce back to discuss the chamber budget. After listening to the amount of money that the Chamber was asking for it blew me away. I feel like when we have a short fall of funds we need to be conservative with our money.

The price tag for the Show of Wheels was 17,000.00, the pumpkin houses is 6,000.00, price tag for blowing snow out on the Courthouse lawn is 7,000.00, a banner across East Hwy 84 is 1,900.00, Armadillo races price tag was 1,500.00, Ice Skating rink cost 11,500.00 and just to name a few the Mayor made a statement that if we did not renew the billboard on Hwy I 45 at a cost of 4,800.00, then someone else would rent the billboard. The next day when we went to Corsicana we saw 5 billboards for rent on 145 and 287.

In my opinion, none of the above brings people to Fairfield and puts heads in beds. I feel like we need to invest our money wisely to generate sales tax and hotel/ motel tax.

When I go to the City meetings it amazes me that the organizations that do very little to raise their own funds but they come to the City with their hands out for donations.

After talking to one City Councilmen he told me he was going to run for Mayor. I am so glad that we have a very conservative candidate for Mayor. This man I know was raised very conservative because I went to school with his father. That tells me that he would be a very conservative Mayor.

I do not like to see our current Mayor waste all the time in July and August on a paid fire chief and paid fire department…WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY.

To be continued,

Jesse Jones
Fairfield, Texas