Dear Editor,

Plain English and Straight Talk

The recent furor over the president’s alleged comments about accepting more refugees from s***hole countries is noteworthy for several reasons. I do not minimize the president’s flaws; I celebrate his willingness to speak his mind straightforwardly.

He says what he means and is honest in it. This is assuredly a first in memory for an elected official. He also says what millions of Americans privately think.

I don’t know if he said what he is supposed to; it’s immaterial. It sounds like classic Trump. What is material is that it is true.

Does our country actually need more immigrants without productive job skills, devoid of English language skills, ignorant of American culture, primarily motivated by financial gain, and assuredly destined for public welfare (to be paid for by working middle-class American citizens)? Only an imbecile would say yes.

Liberals love poor immigrants; they vote “democrat” in exchange for entitlement handouts, keeping the dems in office and perpetuating their own place in servitude and poverty. Mostly they are net users rather than net contributors to the economy.

Immigrants were seriously needed in 19th century and early 20th century America – to expand the nation, build the infrastructure, extend railroads, and become Americans.

They exchanged hard work for opportunity, learned English, adopted out customs. These Italians, Irish, Chinese, Russians, Scots, Germans, etc. were new contributors to the general good.

Immigrants in the 21st century are mostly, but not always, in search of financial improvement rather than relief from political persecution.

If anyone were to ask if we need more gypsies in our country and that they should be invited to immigrate here, he would also be an imbecile.

Despite his choice of words, the president was right, and I support him wholeheartedly.

God Bless America.

El Sellers, Fairfield, Texas